Tog­ether with the cut­tlefish and the dwarf cut­tlefish, squids are among the ten-armed squids, most of which are strictly night-active. Two of their ten arms, which are heavily pro­longed and are pro­vided with suction cups only at their thi­c­kened end, can be vor­ge­schleu­derted quickly, depending on the type of fish or crustaceans. While cut­tlefish and dwarf cut­tlefish live as loners on the ground, Squids are pre­do­mi­nantly inha­bi­tants of the free water and can, in par­ti­cular to repro­ductive time, form some huge swarms.

The Loligo vul­garis, which is up to a maximum of 50 cm long and weighs up to 1.5 kg, which is found in the coastal waters of the nor­theast Atlantic including the North Sea and the Medi­ter­ranean Sea, is hunting for small fish that sleep in the open water at night. Encounters with larger groups as in the photo are extremely rare and rep­resent an absolute high­light!

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